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The problem now is that companies that need medical gloves, etc.

LC’s and contracts do not deliver the gloves! Brokers are getting in the way and the prices are getting too high! Poor quality products are being sold!
There are various problems such as poor-quality products.

We have created an environment where we can solve all of these problems.


We work with a variety of brands to ensure smooth negotiations and contracts.

We support customers who want to buy high quality products without going through fraudulent brokers.
We will help you to buy high quality products.

Safe and reliable products.


Brands handled


Evolove 300

With its excellent performance, comfort and durability, the Evolve 300 is designed to be used in a variety of settings.

The uniquely processed material has a unique silky feel that makes precision work possible.    The product is also recommended for use in situations where complete hygiene must be maintained

Cardinal Health™ Gloves

The gloves offered by Cardinal Health help protect hands during surgeries and examinations that are performed in the clean room.

The safety of the wearer is our top priority, and our products perfectly meet the quality and performance standards of the industry.

Examination Gloves
Powder Free

Comfortable, powder-free nitrile examination gloves designed for both medical and food use. The gloves are designed for ambidextrous use and are guaranteed for use with chemotherapy drugs. These quality gloves are manufactured in Vietnam by EverGlobal, the sole distributor of the Superior brand.


The Microflex® 93-733 with ERGOFORM™ ergonomic design technology is a lightweight, heavy-duty nitrile glove that supports proper musculoskeletal function to improve worker productivity.

The product has an Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) of 0.65 and is designed to be thin enough to maintain delicate fingertip sensation and provide excellent protection.

Derma Shield 73-701

TouchNTuff® DermaShield™ 73-701 is the ideal glove for workers in sterile environments concerned about the risk of allergies.
It features a proprietary formulation that is free of latex proteins and vulcanization accelerators that may cause allergic reactions.
Ansell’s SUREFIT™ Technology prevents the cuff from slipping down.


Produced from thin nitrile, these disposable nitrile gloves provide reliable protection and offer increased comfort and flexibility when compared to similarly priced gloves.

VGlove Nitrile Glove

VGlove’s nitrile gloves are designed for medical professionals. They offer high protection and good elasticity and can be worn in different environments.

Latex Glove

VGlove’s latex gloves are easy to use and have been used in the medical field for a long time.

They are useful for hand protection in a variety of situations, and are popular gloves used in industrial settings as well as medical ones.

Antibody test kit for sale

We sell antibody test kits required by various municipalities and companies. The test is done by saliva and the results are available in about 10 minutes.

Vaccine-specific syringes

Vaccines are becoming increasingly popular and there is a shortage of vaccine syringes. We offer vaccine syringes for sale. we sell antibody test kits required by various municipalities and companies. The test is done by saliva and the results are available in about 10 minutes.

3M Mask 1860N95

Large surface area and soft pleated shape keep enough space between the mask and mouth to allow for unobstructed conversation and breathing when worn.
Captures more than 95% of 0.3 micrometer NaCl particles in the collection efficiency test.
It has liquid protection properties and is useful for preventing exposure to blood and body fluids. Certified for flame spread resistance.

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